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The “Sim TV – Kinderfilmakademie e.V.” (Children film academy) was founded in 2004. During the children play city “Simsalon” the idea of installing a media production with children fascinated the founder Siegfried Barth. Together with some friends he soon managed to gather some talented children and equipment and started the first class “Studio Mainz”. The little crew started small video productions at monthly meetings. During the holidays they managed to carry bigger projects into effect. By far the most complex production was “Kinderspielstadt Deutschland” a 90 minutes documentary about three different children play cities.

Over the years the Kinderfilmakademie grew rapidly and won numerous prizes. Today there are six different groups, each about 15 children, and more than 20 voluntary advisors.

My position

I’ve been part of the founding group Studio Mainz. At first I learned how to edit videos on a editing computer called “Casablanca”. At the same time I made my first emperiences in front and behind the camera. I also learned how to write in “broadcasting style” and how to form ideas to a good video. Over the course of time I got familiar with many different editing programs, filming tricks and types of camera. Today I happily teach the next generation what I’ve learned as an studio advisor.

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