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Generationentheater Zeitsprung

The website

The “Generationentheater Zeitsprung” (Generational theater) was founded by Helga Kröplin in 1996. The amateur actors are of every age between 11 and 90 years.

The cast changes every year, although there are some actors being part from the first minute. The group is showing one production every year at the Landestheater Tübingen. In addition they try to play on as many festivals in Europe as possible. The plays diversify from famous classics to selfmade modern shows.

Over the years the “Generationentheater Zeitsprung” got etablished in the theater scene in Tübingen. The performances are well visited and there are some viewer considering themselves as real fans.

My position

I joined the theater group for the production of “Katzengold – ein Geldstück” (Golden mica – a piece of money) in 2010. I played the role of a young modern business man trying to make money in the internet. From the first practice till the last performance it took more then 14 months and a lot of weekends. The second production I’ve been part of was “HEIMATimEIMER” (Home in a bucket). My role was Paul, a cook who wants to travel the world and see many different places.

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