• "The Forecaster" "The Forecaster"
  • After the European Premiere After the European Premiere with two colleagues and the interpreter
More about Filmperspektive


The website

The Filmperspektive GmbH is a movie company located in Tübingen, Germany. Filmperspektive describes itself as a “platform for the independent production of documentaries and fiction films”.
Led by the famous german documentary filmmaker MARCUS VETTER, the company’s vision is to “create feature length films that are high quality and tell stories that people throughout the world can relate to” and to “create a network of filmmakers and commissioning editors around the globe who believe [….] that films do make a difference”.
Vetter got famous for his documentary films, especially “The Heart of Jenin” and “The Tunnel” which were a huge success and won numerous prices and awards.

My position

During the semester break 2015 I had the chance to complete an internship at the company’s studio in Tübingen. For three months I supported the small team. During that time the two main goals were to distribute the movie “The Forecaster” and to post-produce the movie “The Promise”. I had very diverse tasks. While I spent most of my time setting the subtitels for “The Promise”, I also cut a short film trailer, shot close-ups, looked for sounds, helped realizing the live broadcasting of “The Forecaster”s European premiere, write texts for the web presence, …

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