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The Drake University is located in Des Moines, Iowa. Through its six schools, Drake offers more than 70 majors, minors and concentrations – including a flexible “build your own” major. Drake students can participate in more than 160 clubs and organizations from a wide range of focuses including academics, arts, international, religious and service. There are also 14 fraternities and sororities on campus. Currently, it competes in NCAA Division I athletics, and the school mascot is the Bulldog. Every April since 1910, the greatest track and field athletes arrive at the university for the Drake Relays. In Drake’s annual Beautiful Bulldog contest, hundreds of bulldog owners bring their dogs to be judged by a celebrity panel, and the winner earns the honor of serving as the official mascot of the Drake Relays.

My position

For the winter semester 2014 I went to Drake University as an exchange student. Having a major considered as “undefined” I was allowed to visit every class I would like. I choose a good mixture of journalism and broadcasting classes. Especially in “Visual Communication”, “Web Page Design” and “Television Field Photography” I had a lot of assignments and could improve my skills that way.

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