Hi random visitor –  it looks like you want to know more about me? So here I go:

I am not a pro in any specific field of the media and I won’t try to be. Anyway, I tried myself in a lot of different media.


Being 10 years old I joined the new founded “Kinderfilmakademie Sim.TV” who’s member I still am today. During the last 12 years I learned how to shot, edit and publish short videos and movies. During the post-production I also gathered my first experience with animation. Being the “filmguy” brought me to countless short projects as cameraman. Including I could learn a lot about the theories of moviemaking during several classes at the university.


While producing short movies with the “Kinderfilmakademie Sim.TV” I got in touch with design and layout. Being responsible for the yearbook of my high-school I used this knowledge to make this big project a success.
At the university I improved my skills and build an academic underground to my work in the class Design of Digital Media. During my 21 months working at the “Global Ethic Institute” in Tübingen I had the opportunity to create many creative and well noticed posters, flyers and logos. As the two biggest projects I see the Annual Report 2013 and the Design Kit – Student Hub.


At the “Global Ethic Institute” in Tübingen I was responsible for the Institute’s website. At the same time I visited the class Introduction to Internet Technologies and Programming Digital Media and got in touch with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, php, Ruby and Perl.


After being part of a production for the “Südwestrundfunk” by the age of 12 I discovered my passion for the radio. I volunteered at some friend’s projects and was able to realize my own short project for the class Introduction to Radio.


Besides being part of my high-school’s theater group I am part of the “Generationentheater Zeitsprung”. This theater group based at the “Landestheater Tübingen” consisting of every generation’s actors.


Today I can say that I am able to work with the programs Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Dreamweaver, Audacity and Magix Video Deluxe on a high level.